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by Dr. Gábor G. SZABÓ

The main topic of the lecture:

Creative and original card magic mostly with a regular (Tally-ho:-) deck of playing cards. Most of the routines can be done in almost every environment, no angle problems. Various skill levels.

Thoughts and tips on creative card magic and presentation connected to the sleights and routines explained.

Original Sleights (most them incorporated into the routines explained):

Colour changes (one and two handed), easy "top change", different false displays of cards of small packets, secret addition to small packet, an elegant double turnover, original and very deceptive ambitious card moves, a version of the Hamman count etc.

Examples of types of routines:

A very visual Four at a time production. Reputation can be made in two seconds!

Twisting the Aces with Queens and with a new and funny presentation based on the technical improvement by Paul Gordon, plus a beautiful false display showing all the Queens face-up at the end!

A complete ambitious card and sandwich-type routine with a Joker and the Queens, including some card transpositions and surprises using a wallet and a card a box!

Wild Vegas: a non-gaffed variation of the marketed trick Call of the Wild by John Bannon with new sleights!

Two mental type effects, one of them including some incredible changes and very surprising final climax, the other is using a good mathematical principle, which is impossible to detect. Both can be done with a regular deck of cards!

An extended version of Larry Jennings' Royal Reversal (four face down Kings magically turn over in the deck without even touching it), with additional phases and a very surprising climax using new sleights. A perfect continuation and finish of an ambitious card type effect!

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